Our Best Window- Solid Core Composite
CompositWood, the next generation of windows, is a revolutionary material blended with timeless design that surpasses the ambitions of even the most well known window manufacturers.
CompositWood blends the elegant appearance of a true wood window with the maintenance freedom of vinyl and the strength of metal, further enhanced by cutting edge energy saving and operational features into a beautiful and durable window system. Frames and sashes are made from a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, creating an “engineered composite”, super tough, solid core material. A permanent color surface technology called “SuperCap™” is fused to the core materials during the extrusion process. The result is an extremely durable, weatherable and fade resistant product that is far superior to other window framing materials.
CompositWood provides the warmth of a finely milled wood window without the problems associated with wood.
SuperCap provides a permanent pre-finished surface that performs in the harshest of weather conditions. Proven with years of extreme outdoor sun exposure testing in Florida and Arizona, SuperCap meets or exceeds AAMA 613 color standards. A lifetime of virtually no-maintenance benefits for homeowners, this tough, capped surface protects against yellowing from ultraviolet light exposure, erosion, chalking and cracking to keep windows and doors looking good over time. The cap brings protective ingredients to the profile surface, where they provide superior weathering performance. Also, the SuperCap surface layer is integral and fusion-bonded into the profile.
Advanced Technology Provides Superior Energy-Efficiency, Comfort and Durability
CompositWood Windows offer superior performance because it combines the latest in composite material technology with the best performing glass options. The CompositWood material combines the beauty of wood with superior, rot-proof durability and no-maintenance attributes of vinyl. It’s a superior insulator compared to fiberglass, wood or aluminum. Combine this advanced material with the highest performing glazing, and you get greater energy savings, comfort, and durability over the long run.
Thermally superior composite material reduces energy-transfer better than wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum
More energy-efficiency means greater savings on monthly heating & cooling costs.
Available with highest-performance glass system for maximum savings
Surpasses ENERGY STAR® energy performance criteria
CompositWood windows have multiple weatherstrip paths with interlocking sash and jambs designed to reduce air infiltration
More comfort – without air drafts you stay warmer in Winter, cooler in Summer
Classic wood window design enhances the value and beauty of your home – inside and out
Premium performance hardware ensures easy cleaning and operation
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Climaguard™ Low E Glass and Argon Gas Add Comfort and Energy Savings

Low E is a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto a glass surface. The coating allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy, which lowers the U-value and that means more energy savings. An odorless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas, argon is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce thermal energy transfer and heat loss.

ClimaGuard glass has heat reflective coatings – microscopically thin layers of metal and metal oxide that filter energy by keeping warmth inside in winter and outside in summer.
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​​​Our Vinyl Window
Recent breakthroughs in engineering and designs now make vinyl windows among the best choices to compliment your home's beauty and style. Combined with the latest technology in insulated glass, they meet or exceed Energy Star requirements predicted for the next decade.
Our top-of-the-line vinyl model offers beauty, performance and versatility – everything you want in a window.
The model 6400 has it all, from lifetime glass breakage, high definition wood laminate interiors, fusion locks, and unlimited custom colors. With the fusion lock option and the routed lift handle added to the light oak or cherry interior, the décor of any room can be matched.
This line also offers all configurations and designs from a sliding window that swings in for easy cleaning, to a full line of casement, awning, shapes and picture windows enhanced by a fully upgraded patio door to to complete the project.
Strong aerospace frame design.
Multi chambered profiles assure energy efficiency.
3/4” to 1” insulated glass units for optimal performance.
Duralite™ – our most energy efficient IG spacer system.
ClimaGuard™ Low-E glass & Argon gas standard for best thermal performance.
Four point welded corners for extra strength.
Exclusive Light Lift™ balance system for easiest operation.
Balance Covers are more attractive and eliminate drafts.
True sloped sill keeps water out during heavy rain and allows for easy cleaning.
Night latches for ventilation and added security.
Jamb foam fills void between window framing and home.
Recessed locks and tilt latches for cleaner sightlines.
Routed Lift Handle for a smooth, attractive sash.
Triple weatherstripping prevents leaks.
Extruded aluminum screen frame with fiberglass screen cloth deters insects.
Optional Fusion Lock and tilt latch hardware upgrade.
Optional Applied Lift Handle for easy lifting.
Optional colors: Adobe, Bronze, Light Oak, Cherry; unlimited custom colors available.
Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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​Window Styles

Our composite and vinyl window lines are available in every style displayed to the left.

Bow windows are available in any configuration of stationary and operable sashes.  The operable sashes can vent to the left or the right according to preference.

​Window Color Options

Custom Paint Finishes (14 in Stock Exterior Finishes) for Vinyl & Composite

Exterior Stock Vinyl Colors

Interior Stock Vinyl Colors

Custom Paint Finishes (34 Special Order Exterior Finishes) for Vinyl & Composite

Laminates Available for Vinyl

Color Choices for Composite